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You can attend eloop free of charge and require no registration. The conference 2019 took place at c-base.
Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin, (5 minutes walk from S+U Jannowitzbr├╝cke).

Find us on Twitter: @eloop_congress
Official chat: irc.freenode.net / #eloop


eloop conference started in 2016 as a one-day meeting of hackers that have to deal with enterprise IT. It features tales from the world of cooperate networking, security and processes. Over the course of time, many talks have drifted towards enterprise security (fails). The name eloop originates from the programming pattern of an "enterprise loop", which makes sure an important command is restarted anytime it crashes.

The conferences 2016 and 2017 were held at shackspace, Stuttgart. For 2018, eloop decided to move to afra Berlin. Location for 2019 was c-base.


eloop is made possible by the following sponsors:

  • AfRA Berlin - A cozy hackerspace in Berlin
  • binaergewitter - A podcast on web, technology and open source
  • krebs - A group of hackers originating from Stuttgart
  • shackspace - A large hackerspace in Stuttgart